We know process safety and risk management!

PS Group means practical process safety for your company

We refer to practical process safety as safety work based on the preconditions of your company. We also know that if the company takes a holistic approach and takes charge of the process, their safety work will have a greater impact both internally and externally.

Unless a company has themselves taken this holistic approach, it is often demands from authorities and insurance companies that will govern the process. This is especially the case at small and medium sized industries (SMEs). The consequence may be spot investigations and that makes it difficult to invest in measures that provides the best safety-efficacy.

- All Industries can get this in check by simple means and focus!

Through a technical and organizational safety survey, we can quickly help to identify a company's strengths and weaknesses. The action plan that we develop together helps the company to focus on the safety issues which also allows for constructive meetings with authorities and insurance companies. We call this modern and practical safety work!


PS Group in short

PS Group is - since March 2017 - with Brandskyddslaget, Brandtec and Risktec part of the same company group. PS Group is situated in the region of Malmö/Lund and together the companies have offices in many parts of Sweden.

The employees of PS Group have a unique expertise in the areas of dust explosions, flammable products and risk management. We provide organizations with support in safety management, preparation of integrated safety documentation, risk management and safety audit.

Furthermore, PS Group has a large network of customers, trade organizations, standards organizations, government agencies and other consultants.

  • CE marking
  • Dust Explosions
  • Explosion protection document according to ATEX
  • Classification of hazardous areas (Explosive atmospheres)
  • Measurement (gas and flow rates in pipelines)
  • Investigation of accidents
  • Support HSE-organization
  • Risk analysis
  • Safety Audit
  • Safety culture
  • Safety reports according to the Seveso directive
  • Testing of combustible dust
  • Courses

We are PS Group:

Process Safety Group Sweden AB (PS Group)

+46 10 17 77 320


Per Berg, +46 70 566 18 57 (Stockholm)

Carl-Magnus Bergenstierna, +46 10 17 77 324

Linda Berglund, +46 10 17 77 328 (Stockholm)

Johan Danielsson, +46 10 17 77 327 (Kalmar)

Lennart Evaldsson, +46 76 949 65 90 (Borås)

Elisabeth Hellwer, +46 10 17 77 325

Johan Ingvarson, +46 72 251 27 69

Lars Magnusson, +46 10 17 77 323 (Kalmar)

Ken Nessvi, +46 10 17 77 321

Jan Nählinder, +46 10 17 77 322

Gitte Nählinder, +46 70 678 45 73

Boris Poldrugac, +46 70 945 64 10

Pierre Wahlqvist, +46 10 17 77 326 (Stockholm)


Invoice address:

Process Safety Group Sweden AB
Box 9196
102 73 STOCKHOLM, Sweden

Main office:

Grynbodgatan 3, 211 33 MALMÖ, Sweden

Local office:

Stationsgatan 5, 392 32 KALMAR, Sweden